Accepting Applications for Next School Year

August 24 2020-May 21 2021

We do not have any current summer openings.

Payment Information

  • ​Hourly rates are billed to the minute after a one hour minimum charge. If you are over an hour, we round up to the next hour. 

  • If one of our closings are during the week, divide the weekly rate by the number of days they were here to figure up how much to pay.​

  • Unless you are taking a scheduled vacation day; if you cancel, your child is sick, or you are a no show, you are still required to pay the full amount stated in the contract for those days.

  • We currently do not accept half day positions, your daily rate covers an entire day of care. 


Vacation Days:

  • Families paying full time get 2 weeks off free for vacations and part-time families can take 5 days off per year free and your spot will be secure. Anything more will require full payment. This is applicable only after a child has been enrolled for at least six months. If the enrollment is less than six months, there is no vacation time allotted towards childcare fees. All days we take off will be free of charge to you. 

  • We ask for a two weeks notice before you take off, and we will give at least 1 month’s notice before we take off unless it is for an unexpected emergency or funerals. In most cases, we can give our time off a year in advance with reminders sent out as they approach.

Work Layoff, Loss of Job, Maternity Leave:

  • A leave of absence will be granted due to a layoff, job loss, or a new baby. We will hold your spot for 6 weeks for $25/child per week. After 6 weeks it will be full tuition in order to continue to hold your spot. If you decide to keep your current child in our care during leave, full payment for that child is still required.


Drop-In and Trading Days:


  • We accept children as full-day drop-ins when there are enough spaces available among our regular children.


  • Part-Time children are only allowed to trade days if there are enough openings for the day. We have different children coming throughout the day who may come opposite days as you. Since there is a maximum child allowance for us to have in care at one time, you must check with me in advance to see if there are openings for drop-ins for the day. If there are drop-in spaces available for the day you are wanting to trade you may do so. If there are no openings available for the day you are wanting, you are still required to pay the full weekly amount regardless if they come or not.

  • You are allowed one schedule change per day. If you tell us your child will not be attending on a certain day you are still required to pay the same weekly amount and we have the right to allow drop in children to come in your place that day. 

Sick Days:

  • ​You will still be required to pay for days your child is sick because payment is holding their spot regardless of attendance. If a child is out sick for a whole week, we will refund half of your weekly tuition with proof of a doctors note.


  • If we are shut down due to a pandemic, tuition will not be due. Once we open back up if families are still not comfortable returning to daycare, they will have 3 weeks where we will hold their spot without pay. After those 3 weeks, half tuition will be due. If a family still does not return after 6 weeks, full tuition will be due to hold their child's spot or their spot will be terminated with 2 weeks pay according to our signed contract agreement.


  • The holidays we take off are posted on our Mark your Calendars page. If you choose not to come to daycare on these days, tuition is still required.

Part-Time Children:

  • If your child is part-time, and the days vary from week to week, please provide a schedule for me that covers at least two weeks at a time. 

  • If your child is normally here Monday-Wednesday-Friday (or 3 days per week) and one of those days your child does not come to daycare due to sickness or other reasons, payment is expected for 3 days. 

  • We charge a fixed weekly rate by our contracted agreement. If you decide to keep your child home for a day or two, payment is still the same whether the child was there or not. Payment obligation is based on the days and hours you agree to use the daycare services not on actual days of attendance unless they exceed the hours contracted. This applies to regularly scheduled and part-time children also.




  • Any parent who withdraws from Little Sprouts with a delinquent payment will be sent to a collection agency. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • No refunds are given for services rendered. Reimbursement may only be issued for overpayment of services.

  • If daycare is closed on Friday than payment is due on the last day of childcare of that week. We will accept a post-dated check for the Friday of that week.


Holding Fee:


  • Due within a week after our first interview with your signed contract.

  • This fee guarantees a spot for a specified date of the child. This fee is non-refundable should alternate arrangements be made by you. The amount is equal to one week’s pay rate and will be credited to fees owed the first week you begin daycare with us.

  • Payment is due a week in advance. The holding fee will be used for week 1. You pay at the end of the week in order to come the following week. We have late fees and a no pay, no stay policy.

Early Drop Off/Late Pick Up


  • Drop off time before your contracted hours or pick up time after these hours must be prearranged and only on an occasional basis. After 20 minutes of no call/no show we will start calling emergency contacts.  Please notify us if an undesignated person will be picking up your child.

  • Photo identification may be necessary for anyone picking up your child that is not notated on the authorization form. If consent and/or proper ID are not received, the child will not be released until we hear from the parent or they obtain identification. Please understand this is for your child's safety.

  • We are pretty flexible considering weather and traffic issues, just don’t make excuses and let us know before closing if you will be late.

  • Late fees will be added up and will be due with payment on Friday.

  • If payment is late you will be given a fee of $5 per day. Payment is due by Friday at 5:30 pm unless prior arrangements have been made.

After 5:31pm on Friday until Saturday at 5:30pm late fees will be $5.

5:31pm Saturday until 5:30pm Sunday lates fees will be $10.

5:31pm Sunday until Monday morning late fees will be $15.

If payment has not been made by drop off on Monday the child will not be able to stay until payment and late fees are caught up.


Receipts and Payment Forms:


We are tax deductible. A receipt will be provided when requested. Annual receipts will be provided in January with a yearly payment form so that you may claim your childcare credit on your taxes. 

Cash payments:


When paying with cash, please have the exact total.  


Check payments: 


When paying with a check, please make sure writing is legible. We will try up to 2 times to deposit a check. A fee of $25.00 will be assessed on checks not accepted by the bank. If a check has bounced, you will be required to pay cash from that day forward.


Failure to Pay:


If we cannot count on our paycheck from week to week, this could be grounds for termination. We will be unable to pay our bills, buy groceries, keep up with a reliable car, provide crafts and activities and much more if we are not paid. We work hard for our daycare families and deserve respect and payment for services rendered. Please respect this business and pay us on time.


Frequently asked questions

How many children attend the daycare? What is your child to caregiver ratio?

Most days we have between 5-6 children. Our max child to caregiver ratio is 6:1 during the summer months. We accept no more than 2 infants at any given time.

What do you serve for meals and snacks? Or do parents need to provide food?

Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks are Provided: Breakfast is served from 9:00-9:30 am Lunch is (usually) served from 11:30-12 pm Snack is anywhere from 3-3:45pm If you would like your child to eat here, please make sure they are here between these times. I don't want to hold everyone off eating breakfast or for your child(ren's) food to get cold. Breakfast and Lunch Typically include a main dish, fruit, (lunch-vegetable) and a side. We buy organic and natural choices when all possible, and we are a pork free facility. Children have water available to drink at all times. 100% Juice is only offered on special occasions. We are a pork/shellfish free facility. We do baby led weaning for those who are comfortable with it. We would prefer you feed everything first in case of an allergic reaction. Once your child has tried something new without reaction, we will be willing to feed it to them here. Enough frozen breast milk, formula or baby food should be provided for those who need them. ​We are well experienced in the handling of breast milk. Snacks are either donated or included in your weekly cost. We have a snack drawer that children choose from after naps. This drawer has granola bars, popcorn, applesauce pouches, fruit snacks, peanuts, veggie chips and a variety of other choices. We hand out Popsicle's or homemade fruit smoothies on hot days. You are also welcome to bring something to share for birthdays too! Bottles and Sippy Cups: As soon as the child is able to hold and drink from a sippy cup, we begin eliminating bottles. Each child has their own cup to drink from on a daily basis. Dietary Needs: If your child has any particular dietary needs resulting from being a vegetarian, or having allergies, religious beliefs, etc, then we must be informed, and when applicable given a doctor's note stating to the fact. Depending on if we can accommodate your child's needs, we may ask for packed meals and snacks. Please do not bring any food, gum, or candy. Please don't send your child in the door eating food or holding food in their hand. This makes a hard situation for all the kids. They want whatever your child has, and it's not fair for them to watch your child eat. If you are wanting to bring something please make sure there is enough for everyone and we can share it at snack or meal time.

How do you handle discipline or behavioral problems? For instance, how do you handle biting, hitting, or bullying situations?

Discipline: We use positive behavior and discipline techniques such as making expectations clear, reminders, and redirection before we resort to time out or taking away privileges. Positive directions are used to tell the children what they are to do instead of focusing on what not to do, (i.e. “walk please” instead of “no running”). Redirecting the child to another activity and keeping the child’s goals or interests in mind is another technique used. If redirection does not work, we will give a warning, if the behavior hasn't stopped they get put in timeout somewhere facing away from the other children to cool down for the maximum of one minute per year of the child’s age. We do a happy face reward system and sticker chart for good behavior. *Everyday each child starts with 5 happy faces on their chart. *Throughout the day they can keep them or lose them. *Happy faces can be earned back by doing something helpful or kind for someone else without being asked to do so. *At the end of the day if they have 3 smiles remaining they will get a sticker on the behavior chart. *Once they receive 5 stickers, they get to pick something out of the reward treasure box.
Our four-step behavior process: 1. Reminder 2. Warning 3. Redirection 4. Time Out/Chill Out If unruly behavior continues, parents/guardians will be informed so that we can work together to find the best way to improve the child’s behavior. If none of the above steps results in improvement, we reserve the right to terminate daycare services. ​Physical or verbal abusive behavior by a child- Children who are persistently abusive towards other children, staff or property will be dis-enrolled. This will only occur when all other available methods of intervention have been exhausted.

What is the potty-training procedure?

Potty Training: In our experience with children in our daycare, potty training readiness usually occurs around the age of two and a half for girls and close to three, three and a half for boys. Although some kids do train earlier or later than that. Before a child is allowed to wear underwear to daycare, the child must be able to tell us they need to use the potty BEFORE they need to go. Children must wear pull ups or diapers if they are having frequent accidents. We believe in infection control, cleanliness and hygiene! With all of the other children running around, soiled clothing can make a mess on furniture, floors and toys and we want to avoid this. It really depends on the child, if he/she is ready, training will be fast and easy. When it is forced, it stresses the child out, takes a long time and is very difficult. We will let a child who is interested, sit on the potty. We will let every child over 2, try going potty at diaper changes. Until a child shows interest, we will not start actively potty training. Unless your child is in the process of potty training, we do NOT allow pull-ups. Some things we do to get kids ready to train: We start reading potty books and talking about going potty in the big girl or big boy potty during changing. We have them sit on the potty during natural transition times (before and after naps, and diaper changes) We practice with them getting their pants up and down on their own and hand washing. We will supervise them and watch for signs that they have to go or are going and get them off to the potty. We keep close communication with the parents about any indicators suggesting the child is ready. Some things we do not do at daycare: We do not put kids on a potty schedule where they go every half hour. It’s very time consuming with little to no benefit. We have seen this cause many problems with children not being able to hold much urine and having to constantly go to the potty just a few minutes later. The day pretty much centers around the potty which just isn’t realistic in this setting. We don’t limit food or drinks to only be given at certain times. We maintain the same food and snack schedule during training. We don’t clean out soiled underwear. We will wash pee soaked underwear but we will not do this with soiled underwear. They are bagged, and returned to the parents at the end of the day. We do not use a potty chair. Everyone sits on the regular toilet seat or on the smaller toilet ring. Boys will sit until we think they are ready to aim. During toilet training, we ask that the child be dressed in "user friendly" clothing, as much as possible. The best items are shorts and pants with elastic waists, or dresses. Please avoid tight clothing, pants with snaps and zippers, jeans and overalls. These are difficult for children to remove "in a hurry". Please take this into consideration each morning during the potty training process. Please provide diapers or pull-ups for naps.

Do you transport children in a vehicle? Where would you go?

We will have you sign a one time transportation form without specific dates because we are out in the neighborhood on a regular basis. We go on walks, drive to parks, to museums, movies, farms, roller skating, soft play areas, volunteering..etc on a regular basis especially during the summer so for us it's just easier to have you sign one waiver and then will verbally tell you what our trips for the week will look like. We usually go out between 1-2 times a week during the school year and about 3 times a week during the summer. Throughout the summer, we will always be home from our field trips by 4:30. We will let you know if we happen to run behind. School transportation can be discussed but is not guaranteed. The vehicles we will be driving are a Honda Civic, a Subaru Forester or a Honda Minivan. Carseats are provided unless you have a specific seat you want to be kept and used with us. Some places we might go but not limited to these are: Learning Tree Farm
Picnics in the park
Safe T Town (free for 4-5 yo in Troy)
Wegerzyn Gardens
Charleston Falls
Carriage Hills
Brukner Nature Center
Island Metro Park
Thomas St. Cloud Park
Cox Metropark
Roller Skating
​Cincinnati Zoo
Airforce Museum
Dayton Art Institute - kids get in free
Free movies - Danberry, Cinemark during the summer months
Library Programs
McDonalds, Burger King, Chick- Fil-A play places
Stillwater Church playplace
Play Area at the Piqua Mall
Sunwatch Indian Villiage
Boonshoft Museum of Discovery Youngs Dairy Miniature Golfing Aquarium EnterTrainment Junction Summit Park

What is your nap time policy?

Nap Time: Infants sleep on demand. Children under 1 will have a morning and afternoon nap. When he/she outgrows 2 naps, they will take one in the afternoon. All children under 4 are required to nap. There are a few exceptions, but we will not wake a sleeping child. Once your child outgrows naps, they will still lay down and have quiet time until the summer before they start Kindergarten. At that time that can play in the backyard or play quietly inside during nap time. Depending on your child’s age, he/she will have a designated bassinet, pack and play or cot during nap time. We usually transition to a cot between18-24 months of age. Pacifiers are given to children up to 12 months on demand. Children 1-2 years can use it at nap time only. Many children outgrow them around the time they are 2 or becoming verbal. The normal afternoon nap is approximately 1.5-2.5 hours and is from 1:00pm- 3:(30)pm. Please do your best to avoid drop offs and pick ups between 1:30pm and 3pm. Please let us know if you will be here between 3-3:30 for pickup because there are often children still sleeping. **Please Note** ​During the summer, nap times may be adjusted depending on our plans for the day.

Do you have references I can contact?

Contact us for a list of references.

What is your sick policy?

We exclude based on symptoms: If your child is unable to participate in daily activities, he/she may need to remain at home. Some of those symptoms may include: Fever (over 100*) Diarrhea Vomiting Any contagious illness If any of the preceding occur while your child is in daycare, you will be contacted and the child will be separated until they are able to be picked up. If at all possible, the child will need to be picked up ASAP. Children must remain out of the daycare until they are free of the preceding. Teething, Ear Infections, and Allergies: When children present moderate illness symptoms the parents feel it is either teething, allergies, or an ear infection would allow the child to be in daycare despite symptoms that would otherwise exclude them from care. These are three "illnesses" that are not contagious. Please do not use teething as an excuse for other illness. Viruses If your child is diagnosed with a virus, we must receive a note from the doctor indicating if your child’s virus is contagious. If your child is contagious, he/she may not attend day care until the child is symptom free without the aid of fever reducing medication. Additional Exclusions: Lice: If your child has head lice or been exposed to head lice, we require immediate notification. Your child will not be allowed to return to daycare until your child has been treated and all bugs and nits are gone. If daycare personnel find nits after treatment, your child will be sent home immediately. Strep throat: Your child must be excluded and on medication for 24 hours prior to returning to daycare. Hand Foot Mouth/Fifths Disease/Impetigo/Ringworm/Influenza/Rotavirus/Covid-19: These are all illnesses that require a minimum of 2-14 days exclusion. Re-admittance will be at the discretion of the provider. If your child has been diagnosed with any illness or condition NOT listed, it is at the discretion of the provider when to allow your child's return. *Please remember that this is group daycare. If your child has an illness, please notify me promptly so in turn I can notify the families that their child has been exposed. You will be notified just the same if your child has been exposed. Being proactive is our best protection against illness. Cleaning/Sanitizing: For the health and safety of the children, all toys and beds are sanitized and inspected once per week. Vaccinations: There may be immunized, under-immunized, or non-immunized children in our program, and because of confidentiality rules are not be able to provide any information about the immunization status of the other children in our program. If you schedule a vaccination for your child, please try and schedule it on a Friday afternoon if at all possible just in case of any reaction. We will not exclude after a vaccination but will need to know the name of shot, time of injection and if the child has had any past issues with immunizations. Again, this information will not be shared. EOS: We are essential oil friendly and diffuse highly diluted pure oils in our home regularly and safely. We use the plant therapy brand. If a child is out sick for an entire week, half tuition will be refunded for that child for that week. If you have 2 children and one still comes the whole week, payment is not discounted for that child.

What days and hours are you open?

We are open on Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:30pm

Established 2014