Health & Safety


We are trained in CPR, and First Aid

Elizabeth is also certified in Lifeguard, AED, and Childhood Abuse Awareness

  • Upon arrival, please knock and we will come to answer the door as quickly as possible.   Because this is a home, please be respectful of those living here and do not walk in. During the summer months, we spend most of the time outside in the backyard. We try to have someone watching for parents around pickup times but in case we don't see you coming and no one answers the door, please send a message through Brightwheel stating that you are here and we will get to the door quickly. 


  • If you have trouble with the steps out front we can walk the children out to your car at pickup. For liability reasons, you will be required to buckle in your children at pickup. If you come up to the house at pickup, we will try to have your children ready to go. If the weather is cold please don't hold the screen door open to let all of the cold air inside the house and in the summer, try not to let the cold air out. You are welcome to step inside while we help get them ready to go. 


  • Once you arrive for pickup, your children are on your watch. As long as you are on our property, please still respect our rules and belongings. Please make sure your children do not run down to the car alone. The street isn't always busy but we would hate for something to happen. Please walk down together. If we are talking, please don't let them run out the door, leaving them without supervision.

  • Remove your keys from your car when you are picking up your children, we don't need a child running and getting into the front seat of a car and having an accident happen.

  • No child will be allowed to sit or stand or the porch railing. 

  • We are smoke/bug free but we do have indoor/outdoor cats and an Australian Shephard puppy.



  • Scratches and scrapes are inevitable when children play. These minor injuries will be treated with clean water and a bandaid. In the case of an accidental injury of a more serious nature, we will make an immediate attempt to contact a parent/guardian, unless doing so endangers the child’s life. In that case, necessary steps will be taken by putting the child’s safety first (including calling the ambulance, a family doctor, or poison control). If for any reason we are unable to contact a parent/guardian, we will call the emergency contact number given at the time of enrollment. It is very important and the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure that all the information we have on file is current and correct at all times.

  • In the case of a fire inside the building, we will evacuate the building immediately and gather in front of the neighbor's house. In the case of a tornado, we will utilize the bathroom for shelter.​




  • If your child is on medication and it must be administered while in our care, the medicine must be in the original container and labeled with the child’s name, doctor, name of the medication, dosage and when it is to be taken. Medication will be given at the time or with the meal you specify and a written record kept on Brightwheel.

  • Parents must notify the daycare of ANY medication given to the child within six hours of the drop-off.  I do ask that you send or give permission to use medications to help alleviate the symptoms of colds, runny noses, coughing and sneezing. The constant runny nose, sneezing and coughing is how germs are spread. 


  • We will apply topical creams or eye drops if needed.  Detailed instructions must be provided.

  • We are also comfortable and experienced in administering insulin required for juvenile diabetes and inhalers for asthma. 

  • We also use natural healing and homeopathic remedies and would be comfortable administering at your request.

Child Abuse:

  • Any suspicions of child abuse will be documented and reported to the local authorities. We are court-mandated reporters and are required by law to report any suspected child abuse or neglect.

Established 2014