What To Bring


0 through 2 years

  • Newborns will need a receiving blanket that smells like mom. We will exchange this at the end of each week. This helps the transition away from mom easier. 

  • 1 diaper for every 2-3 hours in care. We will keep a pack of diapers here. 

  • 2 changes of clothes (These will be rotated for the seasons)

  • Frozen breast milk daily, or a container of formula to stay here.

  • 2 frozen bags of emergency breast milk to stay in our freezer just in case.

  • 2 bottles to stay here.

  • Homemade baby food (you provide each day) or containers of baby food to stay here (at least 1 weeks worth at a time). 

  • Diaper cream and Lotion for dry skin to stay here

  • Pacifier

  • Bucket Seat with base (unless we have one compatible) to go back and forth


Potty Training

  • 6 pairs of training pants or pull-ups

  • 3 pair plastic pants if using underwear (No jeans or overalls)

  • 3 COMPLETE changes of clothes (including socks)


All Children

Complete change of clothes suitable to the season and to get messy in. Kids are kids. We get messy here. Your child will be painting, playing in the rain, on the grass, in the sand and mud, playing with chalk, and other various activities. Please do not expect me to keep your child's clothes clean and free from stains.


  • Children will need a swimsuit, sunscreen, and hat to be kept here in the summer. We play in the hose and go to the pool and spraygrounds a lot. These will be kept and washed here. We need these items by Memorial Day and they will be sent home around Labor Day.


  • We provide an organic sunscreen but if you have a certain brand you like please send a bottle for the summer.

  • We provide unscented wipes so there is no need to bring them unless as a donation to the daycare. Please leave a supply of diapers and I will let you know when we need more. 

  • Instead of diaper bags everywhere, each child has a box for their items. A change of clothes will be left here in a labeled bag. If you can, please initial the tags on the clothes. We will launder wet and dirty clothes/swimsuits. Soiled pants and underwear will be bagged and sent home. Please replace with another pair to keep here. 

  • We have one diaper bag that we keep a change of clothes and diapers for every child when we go out. It is easier than taking several bags everywhere. Keeping clothes and diapers here reduces the clutter at the door. We have had diaper bags brought in containing money, medication, and cigarettes and we do not want that liability on our hands. Bags are also a way to transport bugs (fleas, roaches, bed bugs). This is just precautionary, we don't want that to happen and I am sure you wouldn't want the unwanted guests traveling home with you either. Exceptions will be made for drop-in children and children not being picked up by a parent. In these instances, please make sure that the bag is clean and that there are no items that may be harmful or dangerous in the bag!

  • Please do not send blankets or stuffed animals to be sent back and forth each day. Each child has a personalized blanket for naps and assigned cots and pillows that do not get shared. There is also a big box of stuffed animals for them to choose from when they want to cuddle. These are all washed regularly. This helps germs from spreading. If the child has a special blanket that they want to bring to be kept and washed here, that will be allowed. These only come out at nap or quiet time. 

Established 2014